Listen & speak Application Review

English is considered the most important international communication language. It is the most requested language, and one of the most spoken languages around the world, It is necessary for business and finance men, as it is considered the first travel language and the language of universities and academies, you can make many friendships all over the world using English; so it is the unified communication language between the world ‘s population.

Listen & speak Application Review

That is why it is necessary to learn and master the English language in all possible ways and means. And since we are in the era of technology and portable technologies, it seems logical to learn from the applications and websites available on the internet, as there are hundreds of applications and educational means available!

Listen & speak application Is an app that helps you practise your English (Speaking), But listening to sentences and phrases and repeating them after that (pronouncing them). The application provides many pronounced sentences. You will see the sentence on the screen, then you will touch the “Listen icon” to listen to it and pronounce it yourself after that. The application will convert your spoken words into text words, and give you an evaluation degree (a suitable one) based on your pronunciation, whether it was right or wrong.

This application is special because it recognises your voice, and compares between your own pronunciation of the sentence and the original pronunciation, It also gives you evaluation degrees that multiply as you go forward in the  learning path and pronounce the sentences correctly, this gives a motivation and encourages the user to continue using the Application.

Text to Speech

But the defect is that the application uses the (Text to Speech) feature – which is on the phone originally – to pronounce the sentences, therefore, the sound that comes out of the phone isn’t related to the application. It also analyzes your voice using the audio input service provided by Google, and when you are offline the application will not be able to check your voice and confirm that the words are identical! But this service is still good and useful, especially for those who are in the first levels of the English language.

several options

The application offers several options, it is also possible to add new sentences package to be applied, even from other languages – other than English -, This is possible as long as the application uses the features and services that are already in the phone for the audio input and output.

The application is amazing! And it will definitely help you through your journey of learning English, download it now for free!