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Some may think that this application is only for certified professional translation, but it provides great features help to make the app classified on the best learning English applications list.

U-Dictionary Application Preview

A lot of us are searching for an application that has the same function provided by this great one, which is to translate a lot of words and phrases from any language to others.

All you need is to download the application from Google play to enjoy a nice experience which helps you speak any language. For example, if you know an English person and you don’t speak English well to talk to him, you have now the best solution for the problem that concerns many people around the world.

Instead of writing the sentence and using google to find a dictionary then clicking the website and translating the words, some programmes have developed this trend in the translation industry and offered you this amazing app. You only have to copy the word or the phrase you want to translate and you will get the translation instantly.


Download the U-Dictionary app for your Android devices, and enjoy the amazing experience that will remove your language barriers, and help you to improve your English level.

Programmers have also developed the app settings in a way makes it easy enough to be used by children and adults.

The app features:

  • User interface is very good.
  • The app is approved by Oxford university.
  • The app offers a professional translation by interpreting the meanings through English-Arabic professional translation and vice versa.
  • Talking dictionary of both American and British accents.
  • You will find synonyms and antonyms, which are very useful for you.
  • You will find native examples have the same word you’re searching for it.
  • All those examples are translated into Arabic.
  • Offline translation is available.
  • You can translate any word while reading pdf or any website. You can just select the word, copy it and get  meaning instantly in the notification bar.
  • When you open the app, you’ll find short lessons, stories and conversations, added periodically. You can listen to them daily and practice English to improve your level.
  • It also provides great words and pictures games and quizzes, that help you to learn new words and review your information in a great way.
  • You can use the app in English and Arabic.

This app is amazing! I myself use it because of the database and great features it provides.

So I recommend using the U-Dictionary application.


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