Duolingo: French Language Lessons- App Review

Duolingo, une application qui enseigne la langue française, compte plus de 80 millions d’utilisateurs dans le monde. Il est actuellement disponible en 16 langues, dont l’anglais, l’espagnol, le portugais, l’italien et l’allemand. Les utilisateurs apprennent en jouant à différents jeux éducatifs à l’aide de personnages animés. Duolingo : Les cours de français sont une excellente … Read more

FluentU: Learn French with authentic videos-App Review

FluentU maakt real-world video’s, Zoals muziekvideo’s, commercials, nieuws en inspirerende talks, en zet ze om in taalleerervaringen. Het biedt u native video’s die u onderweg kunt bekijken. Er zijn interactieve bijschriften waarmee u op elk woord kunt tikken om een ​​afbeelding, definitie en nuttige voorbeelden te zien. En je kunt je eigen bijschriften toevoegen voor … Read more

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“XMind” – Top Must-Have Mind Mapping App That Fits Your Needs Mind mapping is a great way to organize your thoughts and ideas. Here are some of the best mind mapping apps to help you stay on track with your brainstorming. XMind is a powerful and user-friendly mind mapping software. Free download of MindManager XMind … Read more

Falou – app – review

How to Figure Out Whether Falou Is A Good Language Learning App or Not This article offers a brief review of Falou, a language learning app that is available for Apple iOS and Android devices. It offers a number of features including listening to audio clips in the chosen language to improve listening skills, producing … Read more

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How to Use MeisterTask For Project Management Project management can be a tedious task, especially for large organizations. Fortunately, MeisterTask is a project management software that simplifies the process and allows you to manage tasks efficiently. From sending project-wide announcements to keeping everyone on the same page, you can easily do it all.   What … Read more

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