English Speaking Bot Application Review

English is considered the most important international communication language. It is the most requested language, and one of the most spoken languages around the world, It is necessary for business and finance men, as it is considered the first travel language and the language of universities and academies, you can make many friendships all over the world using English; so it is the unified communication language between the world ‘s population.

 Andy- English Speaking Bot Application Review

That is why it is necessary to learn and master the English language in all possible ways and means. And since we are in the era of technology and portable technologies, it seems logical to learn from the applications and websites available on the internet, as there are hundreds of applications and educational means available!

Learn English with “Andy Application” by chatting with a virtual character (Bot):

One of the best ways of learning English is direct language contact with native speakers through direct conversations that improves the learners skills and increases his experience in sentence formation, and many chat apps provide this the perfect way, but some people need to break the barriers of  shyness and fear of direct contact before going into a conversation, and this is where Andy 2.7.1 application idea comes from. The application depends on a robot “Bot” equipped with artificial intelligence (a virtual character) to start chatting with the learner in simplified English and gradually gets deeper in language, until the learner finds himself accustomed with chatting in English, and can finally get into educational conversations with real people – not virtual ones -.

Andy- English Speaking Bot Application specifications:

  • Written conversation with a virtual character (AI Artificial Intelligence)
  • Andy (the Bot) provides the pronunciation feature for written sentences so that the learners can get used to the correct pronunciation and strengthen their listening in English.
  • “English vocabulary with detailed explanation for the word” feature – 5 words a day -.
  • It contains English grammar (the learner needs to purchase the full version to unlock the rest of the grammars).
  • It has a “ achievement tracker” feature.
  • The User Interface is very simple.
  •  You learn by chatting with the Bot “Andy” who asks about your level, so he chats with you using the terms that suit you.
  • you will be tested during conversations so that  the app makes  sure that you are fully aware of each conversation and it’s using the suitable level in speaking.
  • You can listen to the right pronunciation of every sentence sent by the Bot by clicking on the “earphone icon” beside.
  • You can learn new (words – sentence – grammars) everyday, all you have to do is to send a specific word and the app will understand what you want, for example: if you write the word “Vocabulary” then the Bot will understand that you want to learn words.
  • You will find all the information you need to know how to talk with the Bot when you download the application.

The most amazing application depends on Artificial intelligence to teach English, you learn by talking to a bot “Andy” which recognizes you and your learning needs, and saves your progress day by day.

This application is more than great to practice conversations and memorize words easily! You feel that you are talking with someone who is better in English, and who gives advice continuously.


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