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Why is the reminder to drink water?
Drinking enough water is one of the most important things that you should pay attention to, because of its many positive effects on many health aspects, and this application constantly reminds you throughout the day of when to drink water that you may be distracted from because of work and others.
There are many health benefits of drinking enough water, such as refreshing the skin and nails, helping in the process of losing weight, preventing kidney stones, making your body always hydrated, and many other benefits.
The process of drinking water
When you open the application for the first time, you will have to choose the unit of measurement for the amount of water, whether it is in milliliters, ml or oz, as well as enter your current weight in kilograms or pounds, and in light of this data, the overall goal for daily water drinking will be chosen.
After that, you will be able to add an amount of water to the daily record from the add button at the bottom, there are several ready quantities that can be added, choose the amount you drank or add your own amount manually by adding a ready quantity and use it later at any time.
The total amount of drinking water is collected and compared with the total goal at the top, which is often 3 liters per day. You will be notified when you have achieved the daily goal of drinking water, in addition to notifying you of the times of drinking water.

Set alerts
You can control the reminder notifications to drink water greatly, as it is possible to specify the time to wake up and the time of sleep so that you are not disturbed by the alerts at the time of your sleep, in addition to determining the volume of the notification sound, vibration and the custom sound as well.
There are several alert modes for drinking water, you can make notifications in silent mode or turn it off permanently when you have completed the daily goal of drinking water, and you can also make notifications automatic according to the application or turn it off permanently when you do not want it.
Monitor drinking and weight log
All water drinking operations that you have entered into the application will be added daily to the drinking log of drinking water, this calendar shows whether you have completed the daily goal or part of it, and you can refer to it at any time from the side menu.
You can also add your weight continuously during a certain period of time to monitor your weight loss process. All the weights you entered will appear in a beautiful graph that shows the change in weight during the elapsed time period.
Water Drink Reminder app summary
A great reminder to drink water constantly during the day.
It sets a daily goal for you to drink the right amount of water.
It provides several different sized quantities to add to your daily drinking log.
Supports adding a customized amount of water as per your choice.
Alerts you when to drink water only while you are awake and does not disturb you while you sleep.
It has several alert modes even after you’ve completed your daily drinking goal.
The weight is monitored continuously over a period of time by entering the weight daily or periodically.




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