Studying English

studying English

Studying English abroad can be a good way to develop your skills, learn about another culture, and improve your job prospects. Here’s our list of things you need to know before going abroad to study. The internet has changed the way we consume information. What was once spread through newspapers, magazines, and books is now … Read more

Learn English with Songs!

learning English with song

Learn English with a catchy song! Learn how to say “I love you” in English.  A fun way to learn new words and phrases while singing along. Nowadays, English is the most popular language in the world. Millions of people speak and write it every day. Many of them have studied abroad or have friends … Read more

Passive Listening Is A Way To Learn English

can you learn a language just by listening

The human brain is a complex system of interconnected neurons. It’s able to process vast amounts of information and can do so without being consciously aware of what it’s doing. However, language is not the only thing that our brains are capable of learning unconsciously. For example, babies can pick up a few words by … Read more

English Is Urgent Not Only Ipmrotant

why is English important

English is the de facto global language. It’s an international lingua franca and has become a part of the everyday culture for many people. Learning it is a good thing, even if you are already fluent in your mother tongue. Here’s why English is important to learn. Why did English become important? English is the … Read more

The Secret Of The Language

importance of language

We are exposed to a lot of new languages in our everyday lives. We read the news, watch television, listen to music, and go on social media. However, it is important to learn new languages like learn English, so that we can better understand what we see and hear. The English language is more than … Read more