Why did I decide to learn English?

Even though learning a language is not as easy as it sounds, there are some benefits to be gained from it. When you’re travelling to a new country, or living in an international city, knowing another language will help you understand the place you live in. If you don’t have time to learn the local language, learning English can help you communicate with people and get around your community better.

Why did I decide to learn English? To become more international, to fit in better with my friends, to get a better job. But really, I did it because I love the sound of English words and their magic ability to instantly improve your mood. Learn how you can use this technique too.

Now that you have learned a few words in English, why don’t you take the plunge and learn more? You’ll find many interesting and useful things about life in this language.

When you decide to learn a new language, it can feel like a huge and daunting task. But there are so many benefits to learning a foreign language. These benefits may sound trivial at first but are really huge once you think about them for long enough. Here’s why you should learn English or any other foreign language. See also, countries that speak English.

How Can I Use English in My Life?

When you feel down, go somewhere. Usually, it is other people that make us depressed. Talking to them isn’t going to help at all, so the next best thing would be talking with yourself in English of course!

If you have a crush on someone and don’t know how he/she likes him or her then write him/her an emotional letter in which you carefully express your feelings about his or her personality and abilities as well as your unique interest in him or her. Now, translate this letter into English and send it to that person; he/she will probably be surprised!

1. You will discover that English is easy to learn

Many people think English is an extremely complicated language, and never really want to try it as often. But it’s not like this at all! It’s a simple language, and you could learn most words in weeks if you truly set your mind to do so !

English has only 35 consonants – with the exception of the syllable ‘shin’ which represents a sound which isn’t present in any other word in the language. Most words are made up of one or two letters that make the whole word, making English a very phonetic-based language.

3. You can become better educated

English is widely accepted as the world’s most common official language, partly because of its international airline system. Doing so will enhance your opportunities to study in an English-speaking country and learn about other cultures simultaneously.

4. You can easily travel anywhere in the world

France is an excellent place to learn about French, Germany for its rich culture and politics. There are many other languages that you can practice in English-speaking countries too, such as Russian, Chinese and Arabic – all of which have a deep history behind them. See also, speaking English.

5. You will know the global language

Being a part of the English-speaking world means that you can signal your desire and intent without any problems. Any official documents or business contracts will be valid in most countries across the globe , including those where English is not widely spoken.

6. You will learn about culture

Understanding culture helps you to process the wisdom of other people and appreciate the gifts they bring with them. As a global citizen, you can experience things that even an English native might not be there for – such as how self-conscious Australians are, or what workarounds people use in Costa Riga.

7. You can improve your understanding of science

English is thus a language of science and technology. You can explore this by constantly reading articles that are written in English. This will help you focus on new words connected with the subject, as well as expand your vocabulary to enrich any topic.

8. You can date more people

If you’ve ever been hanging out with strangers who only speak English, then you know how important that is to have a common language. You can date people in different places and communicate without problems.

9. You can improve your confidence

You will be able to take on any task with ease if you speak English well and confidently. You can confidently exchange ideas, express doubts or make requests because everyone else around you is sure of what they’re saying due to their common language.

10. You will exercise your brain

Even though your brain might feel rusty, you can put it to good use by using English. By speaking your native language in a foreign country, you will gain more knowledge about other people and cultures as well as expand on your comprehension of what is happening around the world.

All in all, English is a great language to learn, especially if you’re in the United States. It will help you travel around the world and meet new people, improve your communication skills and boost your confidence.