Teach English online salary

The demand for English teachers is growing at a fast pace. For many, teaching English online seems like the perfect solution. After all, there are plenty of opportunities out there that make it possible to earn an income from home without having to move away from your family. The trouble is, most English teachers don’t get paid what they deserve.

Teaching English online is a new trend. People are seeking to learn English from their homes. And why not? The cost of education has risen to such an extent that people have had enough. There are many websites offering free courses for students and teachers.

A huge number of people all over the world, who have different cultures and backgrounds, are looking for opportunities to improve their living standards and earn more money. In addition to the traditional career paths and short-term courses, there is a growing trend in which students can learn English online. The main reason is that the benefits are obvious: the amount of knowledge a person acquires at an English language school directly affects his future career.

Teaching English online can be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience. The flexibility of this type of job means that you can make the hours that work best for you. Many people choose to teach English online so they can work when it suits them, and their clients are all over the world.

The demand for English teachers is currently very high and there are plenty of opportunities available online with agencies such as GoEnglishTeacher.

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How Much Money Can I Make Teaching English Online?

Average pay for English teachers is $15 an hour by private or state-sponsored courses. However, the majority of teachers receive far less than that unless they are supplementing their income in some way. The ability to find work varies from country to country, but it can often be done within hours and spread across many different countries around the world. Teaching with GoEnglishTeacher can give you access not only to hundreds of local jobs on our site but also to jobs in countries all over the world – and work that takes place around the clock.

You can make more money teaching through an agency such as GoEnglishTeacher than you could by actually having a job with a traditional education provider like BeActive English. However, these agencies only pay based on what they consider to be your average earnings each month; they don’t take into account other commitments that may come up, such as a second job or additional income sources. See also, make money teaching English online.

Can you teach English online full-time?

Yes, if you want to teach full-time it is possible. However, there are difficulties involved with both finding the work and being able to take on those hours which suit your lifestyle. Working at home means fewer hours available for travelling and meeting clients within a given time frame, but assuming that most countries offer 24 hour working each day (or close enough), starting in Australia or New Zealand would give access to all of these opportunities as well as numerous others, let alone a situation where you are based in Asia or the UK.

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Does teaching English online pay well?

Depending on which online teaching platforms you use, the pay can vary substantially. You can make between 50p to £1 per minute or $0.35 to $2 an hour as a tutor on YouTube, though most people start at either side of that range then adjust according to their skills and how they advertise themselves in different ways (online advertising like Facebook Ads ). BeActive English pays roughly around £240 -£250 ($350-360) for a conversation teacher a month in London.

You can teach what your target audience is interested in, at whatever level you want to encourage them.

How Much Money Can You Make Teaching English Online?

If you’re a beginner, it’s probably going to depend on how much time and effort you put into marketing yourself. People who have experience and skills but don’t always take the right approach when listing their availability online can reap fantastic rewards under certain circumstances.

1. Teach with an online ESL company

There are some decent income opportunities available in this format. Homework Online offers the opportunity to set your own hours, work online (literally- you teach at home), and be paid travelling per diem that is spent on flights while students train with their teachers. If a student registers for three classes they can qualify for up to £225 ($354) of travelling money.

2. Create a teaching profile on an open-marketplace

Create a profile on a popular site like Voices.com, or indeed any other freelancer network you think might suit your skills and more importantly the students interests in discussion! Applicants come to the marketplace directly, make their free inquiry followed by their up-front fee. An internship where both sides can work to the best of their abilities is hugely beneficial.

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3. Start Your Own Online Teaching Business

With just a sensible little business plan, and the right market research you can go from idea to reality in no time at all. TeachX pays $385 per class or 4 cents an hour if your lessons run over 1-2 hours – not bad then! They advertise online initial content creation (proofreaders) but subsequently, bulk classes filled by teachers of common languages studied worldwide are available on demand with flexible terms up to 2 years.

4. Offer marketing services to clients who are students

Use your expertise and knowledge on social media, online tools ( like Google Analytics ) and business insight as a consultancy you can offer or even sell! The world of online marketing is absolutely exploding – new tools eliminate the need for blogs/forums in favour of messaging apps such as Facebook,  Twitter or WhatsApp.

In conclusion, there are many options available to teachers who want to earn a living teaching online. The most important thing is to be aware of the growing opportunities, and have the ability to adjust your approach accordingly.