Mango Languages – app – review

Mango Languages App Review Mango Languages is a popular app which teaches one the basics of many different languages. It comes with a ton of different courses, with the basic of Mandarin, Spanish, and French, to more advanced courses of Icelandic and Swahili. The Basic Japanese course contains a similar setup to the other language … Read more

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Transboard- Keyboard Translate – app – review

How to Translate Anything You Want into Any Language Ever wonder how to translate any word or phrase into a different language? It’s a pretty simple process, and there are a few different ways you can do it. Transboard is a keyboard translator that translates the words on your screen into any language you want … Read more

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EWA: Learn English – app – review

EWA: Free Way to Learn Language of the Future The EWA is a free way to learn the language of the future. There are currently over 200 languages in existence, and it is predicted that there will be at least 2, 000 languages by the year 2050. . It includes 11 courses and over 70 … Read more

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Tandem – app – review

How to Tandem Language Exchange Tandem language exchange is a new way to learn languages, which has been proven to be much more effective than traditional methods. Tandem partners are put together to help each other learn a language through conversation with each other. Its smart interactive approach to language learning replaces old-fashioned rote memorisation … Read more

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The Fabulous App – review

Fabulous is the brainchild of Sami, CEO and one of the company’s 3 co-founders. Growing up, he loved the stories of “The Little Prince” and “The Alchemist.” Both of these stories shared a common theme that struck Sami – everyone’s journey should lead with the heart. It allows you to discover yourself fully. Passionate about non-profits, … Read more

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Smart Alarm Clock- review

Smart Alarm Clock

With smart alarm, you can sleep as much as you can, it will awake you up until you get up and leave your bed. Every morning, you dont have to worry about get up late, go to work or go to school late anymore.   How to set up alarm? We have 6 ways for … Read more

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Cookpad – Create your own Recipes

Looking for recipe inspiration? Look no further. Welcome to Cookpad, the world’s largest community of home cooks where everyday, people just like you share thousands of recipes, ideas and cooking experiences. Each Cookpad recipe has been created, tried and tested by home cooks, for home cooks so whether you love to create, or just want … Read more

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Babbel – learn danish

learn danish

Babbel Teknologien har nået selv de fjerneste hjørner af jorden. I en verden, hvor alt er i konstant bevægelse, prøver alle mennesker at gøre deres liv lettere og bruge teknologien til gør det. Af denne grund kan vi se,lær dansk at de fleste af de mekaniske processer, der tidligere havde brug for en rigtig person … Read more