How I Learned to Speak English in 6 Months

Most people I know are fluent in English, but the majority of them don’t have the ability to speak and write it fluently. How can you become one of those people? Do you even want to be? That’s a question I ask myself every day when I’m around people who don’t understand what I say.

Six months ago, I had just started my new job in London. The office was filled with an energetic bunch of people from all over the world. Each day was a fun learning experience, and I loved being around so many different people with such diverse backgrounds. Then one day, I went to say hello to my colleague who happened to be speaking Spanish.

Can I Learn a Language in 6 Months? What the Experts Say

1- We’d recognize the most basic sentence of a new language in 3 months!

Every academic who runs courses like the ones I attended claims that you should be fluent within six months, no matter how long it takes you to learn. None acknowledge any risks, accept partial responsibility for outcomes and preface things with “but…”. Some people simply expect all business folk will go out there and acquire foreign languages within two years; others claim from four to six years.

2- It’s all about the teacher! Yes, you can learn a language from scratch in only a handful of months if your teacher is very experienced (like me) and teaching classes every day for two hours, 30 minutes of which are dedicated to each language. These programs will also cost $15k+, so why bother? You don’t need these benefits because I’m guiding you through my own slow method that’ll take you 6 months instead!

3- You can feel confident already in 4 weeks. There are a handful of reasons you might feel better about learning Spanish now than 2 years ago: No one “understands” your language spoken at work any longer, since communication is limited to speech and writing; no one thinks they’re fluent when they don’t understand other people speaking; confirmation that most bilingual people start out as slow learners in their first four languages. What seemed too hard then is now easy to learn, especially because this method simplifies the task.

4- It’s not just 6 months of lessons – it’s a system that ensures you’ll never be slow/bad at languages again. I’ve written more than 50 books about learning any language; 10 000 pages for learners in 17 different countries (although most only have one language); 7 international bestsellers and numerous articles on these topics.

5- You’ll be able to cover all these bases proficiently in just 4 weeks. Not only can you become accepted anywhere and make this a career, but the way I break down each language will mean that once they start speaking Spanish fluently while working overseas, they’ll feel confident translating their first business phone call with an Italian or German speaker later on. It’s not something people want; it is evidence of insufficiency if someone doesn’t do it now.

6- How to know if you want this system? It’s simple: would you teach your kids Spanish in 10 weeks? I can guarantee that within a year, they’ll be speaking perfectly well as after six months and with higher confidence than today. That’s what makes volunteering much easier; too many people “know” how easy it is so they don’t bother applying when there are most places demanding competence before accepting foreigners.

7- Your language will be at the top of your list before you even step off for that visa interview. I’ve sent people to about 70 countries since 1998

8- If it sounds good, just try it…People often have caused plenty of educational time and money by trying this several times – with no idea what they can achieve because they don’t live in a world where everyone speaks Spanish fluently without knowing how difficult it is.

9- You can introduce some elements into your existing language learning whilst teaching all this new material; that’s the beauty of having a degree: levels 1+2=3 and so on. All you need is between four to six months (depending upon how long it takes to build up enough skill with speaking) as an intensive introduction before applying for any visa. It makes everyone feel happy because they know from past experiences which languages my system will take them to by this time in order for them to give a nod and smile. See also, speaking English.

10- What are some of the major differences between my system?

1) Whereas others focus on getting nuances, I’m going one step further because you’re about 90% there with just five basic words; moreover, most other “instructors” take an excruciatingly long time and spend as much money along the way: it takes no brainpower whatsoever! Moreover, if you suffer through enough of the above, remember “1.5” languages in 20 months is generally considered a reasonable indication for success. Furthermore, it’s not just about learning how to speak; I do this in an interactive way meaning that after your clarification (which gives fodder for further mistakes and successes), you’re given opportunities to relate several other essential facts about each subject without a lot of explanation so people can apply them as everyday language as quickly, accurately and proficiently as possible.

2) I do all above because other systems of this kind beat the snot out of each other with hours spent on superfluous subjects that are useless when it comes to practical applications in a foreign language. Take for example how people spend 20 minutes describing a string game – resulting in an hour-plus “training” (which by then is often undermined by numerous mistakes). With me, you’ll enter the day with all you need.

3) I make it a point to not use any methods that don’t communicate within common words, which means “learning” anything else will be extremely difficult and boring; by contrast, my method gives scope for practical applications among friends who already understand as well  as learning how to talk (and maybe more ) these languages successfully. Moreover, practice makes everything smoother without needing a high level of memorization.

4) I truly believe that once you have the lines of thought and form established in your mind, any significant problems will resolve themselves with time (for me, a smooth ride has been 12 months ).

All in all, I think it’s pretty simple. The language I teach is extremely useful and practical, and you’ll learn to use it in a very enjoyable way that will get you started quickly. you May Like learn English.