How I got a job promotion by learning English

I am an Indian, I have a degree in Computer Science and Masters in Data Science. But my academic qualifications did not help me get a job. What helped me get a job is learning English. Even though my knowledge of the language was not good, I decided to learn it. After all, there are more opportunities for Indians abroad than here at home.

As we all know, the English language is one of the most important aspects of international communication. The demand for fluency in English is rising as more and more international companies are entering the market.

Learning with a tutor: offline or online?

Earlier, finding a good tutor to learn English outside was daunting. There were no ABCs or websites offering free lessons online in an organised manner. The best way to find a good teacher would be through word-of-mouth chatting with people around you. However, this process was subjective and unrealistic as most of the students approach their tutors at random and ask them any kind of question they are curious about which doesn’t end up helping them much at all.

Websites like Sadiku solved this issue by creating a structured yet user-friendly environment that provides information about the various categories of languages with associated interactive activities for self learners. Ironically, it doesn’t take you more than five minutes to start learning everything and anything there is on the website from grammar tips to travel resources basically covering all aspects of vocabulary, in some cases completing even full sentences! This process allowed them (the users) not only to learn the language but also enjoy it.

Top tips for language learners

To become a good or fluent language learner, you first need to learn the basics. I believe that learning is not just about memorizing vocabulary words but also knowing how to use them in everyday conversations. Remember what your teacher had told you before? It was ‘Speak with expression’ and it’s true! Saying something smartly isn’t enough anymore as people do understand if you speak with an accent even if they don’t know the language properly.

No need to panic! Just like everyone else, I was clueless about the tips below and never used them when trying to learn a language. After finishing almost all of my courses at Sadiku, it became evident that there are plenty more ways one can actually improve their English proficiency rather than staying confined in this small comfort zone we call our understanding of grammar rules. You should have an open mind while learning languages since they’re different from what you have known so far.

Set a goal Apply as many methods that won’t bore you Choose the right time to learn Delay gratification (easier said than done) Don’t listen when your friends guide you Educate yourself through self-teaching Learn with others who are language enthusiasts To be honest, it’s always not an easy question but I believe in trying new things no matter what they are! It is possible to ease one’s way into learning languages.

How to become a smarter, more efficient & confident learner? The best way I’ve found so far is through all of my courses at Sadiku.

What are the steps I should take to get a job promotion by learning English?

When I ask my English-speaking colleagues this question, they automatically assume that ‘getting a promotion’ or being more efficient while working is only one of the reasons why learning English would help them to enhance their overall career growth.

Shoot everything out if you have other options besides having a job at work Be unique & original Think bigger Start as early as possible Realize what love means Avoid beginning your journey with grammar exercises Take advantage of opportunities available in the workplace Get up an hour earlier than usual, do a quiet reading before your head hits the pillow Go through emails & documents of your job assigned or upcoming ones Open yourself to accelerate learning Meet a new acquaintance Let go of attaining perfection and let methods work for themselves Trust that you are on the right path Believe in success Plan ahead for future events, use Evernote As I’ve mentioned above all these points bring one closer to having noticeable advancement in the workplace.

Prioritize yourself on furthering your in-depth training No matter how successful you may be, always have a resume that indicates change The ultimate winner is still someone who wants to learn or push forward One can learn from every kind of loss since everything has its own lesson Learn one basic concept per language It’s wise not to put too much time and energy into mastering any single topic for just about anybody You really don’t want to pick the wrong hobby or avocation Expertise in a specific field alone does not mean that you’ll get a job promotion

Offering to do reading and other conversations happens more often than expected for most people regardless of their current occupation Despite my graduate study I’m still finding ways on how best to utilize my limited spare time This is what should be done. Successful people understand that your resume must show growth, even if it’s possible only through reading and/or vocab One must not be hesitant to make mistakes at first. Sometimes, in fact, you need to choose your own learning path instead of being led towards the expert or networker whom can guide you This is one thing I would like every aspiring professional to really read once Should an unknown person start speaking something (which may have been taught by a famous personality) regarding their occupation, pass by them quickly & do not waste their time.

In conclusion, one must not become a slave to their job, but they should also be ready to do whatever it takes in order to reach the top. It is up to the individual. There are so many different paths here and it doesn’t mean that anyone has “failed” if a path does not suit them. you May Like Learning English and employability.