Learn English with Songs!

learning English with song

Learn English with a catchy song! Learn how to say “I love you” in English.  A fun way to learn new words and phrases while singing along. Nowadays, English is the most popular language in the world. Millions of people speak and write it every day. Many of them have studied abroad or have friends … Read more

English Is Urgent Not Only Ipmrotant

why is English important

English is the de facto global language. It’s an international lingua franca and has become a part of the everyday culture for many people. Learning it is a good thing, even if you are already fluent in your mother tongue. Here’s why English is important to learn. Why did English become important? English is the … Read more

The Secret Of The Language

importance of language

We are exposed to a lot of new languages in our everyday lives. We read the news, watch television, listen to music, and go on social media. However, it is important to learn new languages like learn English, so that we can better understand what we see and hear. The English language is more than … Read more

Alla Black Friday Erbjudanden

Missa Inte Black Friday Erbjudanden: Vi har samlat alla Butiker med Black Friday Erbjudanden, allt ifrån Mobiler, Dator, Vitvaror, Gaming och allt du drömmer om. 1- ELGIGANTEN:        Dator: Letar du efter en billig dator, surfplatta eller kamera under Black Friday? TV: Letar du efter en billig TV, högtalare eller hörlurar under Black … Read more

Teach English online salary

teach English online salary

The demand for English teachers is growing at a fast pace. For many, teaching English online seems like the perfect solution. After all, there are plenty of opportunities out there that make it possible to earn an income from home without having to move away from your family. The trouble is, most English teachers don’t … Read more

How To Learn English Fast: 3 Steps

to learn English

When is the best time to learn English? The best time is right now! You can get started with this free course to learn English. By watching and listening to movies, reading books, and engaging in conversations with native speakers, you can start speaking and understanding the language quickly. Learn English is a complete English … Read more